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A journey through the mind and life of Swedish Artist Moki Cherry, Stine Goya’s Pre Fall 20 Collection is an exploration of artistic rebellion and return to the brand’s roots in multimedia artistic practice.

From design to drama, art to music, this season examines an artist’s bold interpretation of the adage “the stage as a home - and the home as a stage” - living without limitation to create an immersive environment to challenge the status quo and explore themes of psychedelia, folklore and interdisciplinary practice.

whispering       whispering       whispering

Drawing on Cherry’s often whimsical yet surreal scenes, this season’s key prints highlights two diverging approaches to her creative world.

The first - Landscape - represents the Naive Art perspective - a flat mural/fresco style - blending natural formations with symbolic references such as the Hamsa, or all seeing-eye, to create an abstracted camo-effect of bold colour. Staying true to Goya’s DNA - this flat, primary palette is expertly manipulated into layered colour blocks and hybrid floral prints - Wildflower, Azalea and Flora.

This iteration of Cherry’s world, blending new styles with classics - the Briella Top with Nolan Pants, the Asher dress and the Vina & Chet tailoring combination - takes the Goya universe in a bold new direction.

The second approach - Dreamscape - a softer, more delicate execution speaks closely to the Goya prints of seasons past.

This fusion of techniques, mirror Moki Cherry’s blended art practice combining line drawing, watercolour and pointillist style to explore themes of life and death, dreams and reality. Fabrications and prints within this group have an increasingly interchangeable quality, with styles and silhouettes seamlessly mixing together like never before.

The Xavi top - a patchwork of chiffon fabrics & woven qualities - contrast perfectly with the more structured textured gingham woven poly of the Joselyn Shorts, while the voluminous Kingsley Top with polished finish is balanced with the utilitarian Roman Trouser.

With Moki Cherry as our guide, this season Stine Goya seeks to challenge our universe and present a collection which empowers our customers to choose their own path, seeing life as a stage and our collection as their means of exploration.

whisper whisper whisper