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Stine Goya strives to be open and transparent in regards to our commitment to environmental and social responsibility - implementing a company-wide strategy to ensure the welfare of our planet, our people and our product is a high priority focus.

Social and environmental responsibility is an evolving goal at Stine Goya, but in order to focus our efforts and track our progress we have decided to focus on three main areas of influence:


Within the three main areas, our Responsibility Policy 2021 is focused around five key goals:


For a detailed look into our overall Responsibility Policy 2021, which outlines our specific goals and targets, please click here.

Through dedication, teamwork and extensive research, we are thrilled to have surpassed our goals for 2019/2020.

To see our Responsibility Report 2019/2020, please click here.


The heart of our business is the product we create. How and where our product is made matters. We are committed to integrating new material processes into each collection and to mitigating our impact on the environment season on season.

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption & Production - Stine Goya has initiated a new material strategy providing framework and goals to 2025.

Read more about our use of materials in our Garment Care Guide here.


Accounting for our impact on the environment is one of Stine Goya’s primary concerns.

Based in Copenhagen, we are in the fortunate position of our business being situated in a beautiful setting with substantial infrastructure - where swimming in the harbour after work, biking into the office or having access to green energy is not seen as a luxury.

As a commercial business and producer, we will never be perfect, but, we are nevertheless committed to mitigating the adverse impact by promoting circularity within our operational structure and managing our energy/carbon emissions.

Using the key targets set out by the UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 - Climate Action - as our guide, Stine Goya has initiated a new Green Strategy to lessen our overall business’ affect on climate change.


As a family-run business, Stine Goya knows the importance of taking care of those closest to you. How we work with and treat our partners, our stakeholders and our employees matters.

We respect the breadth of legal and cultural environments in which we operate in worldwide and are committed to UN Guiding Principles ensuring our business and that of our networks is in accordance with accepted standards of social responsibility.

Stine Goya has committed to consistently striving to improve social responsibility both internally with our employees and with our external partners and stakeholders.

Read more in our Code of Conduct here.

We embarked on this journey with the intent to significantly change our operational mindset, business structure and product offering in line with ambitious goals.
This has not changed.
On the contrary, Stine Goya is more ambitious than ever before.

What started with one capsule collection in 2019 created with 100% sustainable and recycled materials has led to a mission to use 90% sustainable and/or recycled materials across our entire collection range by 2025. We are honest in saying that this goal is ambitious.
We are honest in saying that we might not succeed. We are honest in saying that we cannot rate or measure our responsibility efforts based only on our products and materials, but must also look at evolving our employees’ mindsets, doubling on charitable initiatives and reevaluating our short and long term goals.

We are in no way perfect and will never claim to be, but aim to be transparent and hold ourselves accountable to you - our stakeholders and customers - well beyond surpassing our goals.

— Thomas Hertz & Stine Goya Hertz